Leadership Development

Three Components of Leadership
At Steve Dudley Associates we believe that the sustained quality of leadership in a company is the single most important factor in its continued success. Years of working with effective leaders and documenting their behavior patterns and thought processes have given us insight into the multi-faceted nature of superior leadership. To improve leadership, it is necessary to understand and address its three main components:
  1. Vision — Before any leadership improvement can occur, managers must have a clear mental picture of leadership in action and see themselves as leaders.
  2. Influence — The second key to effective leadership is the ability to influence others.
  3. Execution — Finally, in order to be truly effective, leaders must be able to manage the execution of strategies, plans, initiatives, and tasks.

Methods For Improving the Three Components of Leadership

  • Workshops — For each of these three components of leadership we have designed a series of workshops that have proven effective in helping managers acquire critical leadership competencies. Click here for a detailed listing of these workshops.
  • Coaching — We have found that when our workshops are combined with real-life, in-the-moment coaching, we see three to five times the gain in effectiveness retention. As a result, we have developed a set of 3-4 coaching sessions to accompany each workshop. Our detailed description of each workshop also includes a description of the coaching provided for that workshop.
  • Facilitation — For any leadership training to be effective, the culture of the company must support leadership development. Through facilitated meetings we work with the senior management team to develop a culture of leadership within their company.

Choosing a Course of Action for Your Company
By using our leadership assessment tools companies can determine which leadership component(s) would most likely yield the highest return on their training investment. In this manner we can customize our program to meet the needs and constraints of each company.