Project Management
The success of a project is greatly impacted by the quality of management brought to bear on that project. Many companies look to project managers to bring a focused, effective level of management to all or some aspects of a project. The responsibility of the project manager crosses departmental boundaries. Members of project teams led by the project manager also report to department heads, which can lead to confusion around lines of authority and responsibility in the so called “matrix” organization.

Steve Dudley Associates helps companies determine if project managers will be a valuable organizational structure for them. If so, we help companies determine the scope of project manager responsibilities. We train project managers in all aspects of project management: strategic management, financial management, team leadership, process management, scheduling, quality control, and customer satisfaction. Our training integrates all aspects of management into a unified project management system. We address the knowledge, understanding, skills, behaviors, and thought processes required for successful project management. Project managers who receive our training are measurably better at leading project teams and meeting the objectives of their projects. Many of the project managers we have trained have risen to senior management positions in their companies.

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