Clarification of Client’s Needs
At Steve Dudley Associates we take the time up front to get clear on how the client company feels we can help. This may involve helping the company actually define its needs and our role. We continue this dialogue throughout the process.

Knowledge of the Company
While we are working with our clients to clarify their needs, we study their organization. We interview their managers, observe work as it is being done, and speak with many employees. We study the company’s strategic, financial, and operating plans. We attend various meetings and look into their performance development programs. In order to be helpful, we must know the companies with whom we work.

Collaborative Consultation
Much of the improvement clients experience comes from the knowledge, understanding, and experience that already resides in their organizations. Steve Dudley Associates is skilled at helping clients recognize what they already know and helping them bring the expertise of the organization into more effective use. Sometimes someone from the outside is needed to help the client see what is already known.

Not only do we help companies see what they already know, we teach their management teams how to identify and remove the barriers to capitalizing on their organizational knowledge and collective experiences. As a result, management teams become much more effective at producing results, overcoming hurdles, capitalizing on opportunities, and orchestrating continuous improvement year after year.

Prescriptive Consulting Services
Steve Dudley Associates has an arsenal of proven, highly effective management tools which can be explored by clicking any of the navigation buttons on the left. Our method always involves teaching managers how to use these tools to succeed without us, and we provide front-line coaching until managers have achieved a level of competent consciousness in using our tools. When appropriate we may recommend affiliated consultants to address issues which fall outside of our areas of expertise.

Tracking Results
One of our responsibilities at Steve Dudley Associates is to work with companies on the front end to identify their expectations and establish validation and measurement systems to track progress throughout the life of our relationship. Companies know what return they are realizing as a result of their investment with us.