Project Management
Our goal is to equip project managers with the knowledge, understanding, skills, behaviors, and thought processes they need to become highly effective project managers and team leaders. Listed below are the workshops, facilitation, and coaching we use to achieve these goals. Please click on any of the workshops to learn more.


We provide general facilitation to assist companies in working through how employees manage their project team responsibilities while fulfilling the overall responsibilities of their positions and achieving their targeted performance objectives. We work with project managers and department heads to understand their mutual roles and to map out how priorities are established and decisions made across many projects and functions in order to make the highest contribution to the company.

Our one-on-one coaching program combines mentoring and coaching to assist managers in developing the skills and behaviors they need to be successful at leading project teams and achieving project results. We work directly on the real challenges and opportunities experienced by project managers to show them how the tools presented in the workshops can be effectively used to address a variety of real situations. Project managers develop their skills and behaviors significantly faster when our workshops are coupled with direct coaching.

Front Line Project Management
Under special circumstances we are prepared to actually manage projects for client companies while recruiting and training permanent project managers. This allows the company to jump start a project when timing is critical to outcomes. Please contact us directly to discuss your project management needs.