Structured Learning: Vision and Strategic Execution
Using the following series of structured learning experiences, leaders and managers learn a system for developing visions for their companies, projects, and operating units. They learn how to communicate visions in ways that are energizing and workable. Listed below are the workshops, facilitation, and coaching we use in Strategic Execution. Please click on any of the workshops for a detailed description.




  • Management team meetings for understanding the company’s visions, linking visions to strategies, and completing strategic business plans.
  • Management team meetings for translating the strategic business plan into operational initiatives, performance standards, and tracking systems.
  • Mid-year meetings for reviewing progress and revising the strategic business plan based on changes in the competitive environment and business assumptions.
  • General company and team meetings for communicating the plan and translating the plan into performance targets and initiatives at the team, project, and individual levels.

 Consulting and Coaching

  • Direct consulting is provided as needed to assist in developing a system for creating company, project, and operating unit visions, linking visions to strategies and developing plans for execution. Through direct consulting we dive deeply into the collection and interpretation of strategic data, translating visions and strategies into brands, creating operational initiatives, drafting the formal strategic business plan, and setting up tracking systems for monitoring and control.
  • One-on-one coaching is provided to individual managers to assist them in translating the strategic business plan into operating initiatives and performance standards for the teams and individuals they supervise.